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Custom tours

In addition to our scheduled tours, we also offer custom-designed birding tours for groups or individuals. We have extensive experience throughout South Asia, Southeast Asia, North and East Asia, Philippines, New Guinea and Indonesia, and we can organise and guide tours to all areas covered by our scheduled tours and most other destinations in the region.

Catch-up tours

Many participants ask us about the possibility of creating itineraries to plug-in the missing gaps, either due to species missed on previous tours, or because new sites and species have become available since they visited certain areas. We encourage people to contact us with their specific requests and we will advertise on this page to help link you with like-minded birders.

Monsoon India August 2019 - targets: Lesser Florican, Rock Bush Quail, Broad-tailed Grassbird, Painted Francolin. 1-2 others needed to join a short, targeted custom tour, 3-9 August 2019 with a small group (2-3 at the moment). Contact us for full details.

Custom tours

Please click on the pins on the interactive map to get a flavour of each region and country and what is possible for us to organise for your tailormade tour.

Custom tours have many advantages over our main tours; they are inherently more flexible, with group sizes and ground arrangements organised to your specific requirements. They are ideal for those who prefer to travel alone or with small groups of friends, birders with inflexible holidays that do not coincide with our scheduled tour dates or those with specific target species, which may be difficult to see on our main tours.

We can also organise custom extensions to any of our scheduled tours. If you would like to add extra time to one of these tours, please contact us with your plans and we will gladly offer information and advice to help you organise an itinerary which meets your requirements.

Custom tours are often comparable in cost to our scheduled departures and therefore offer fantastic value for money. For more information on our popular custom tour service, please contact us via e-mail or telephone +441332516254 to speak directly to one of our experienced leaders about your plans.