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Tour Reports

Latest tour reports:

Lesser Sundas; scheduled tour: 9th - 27th October 2018

West Papua; scheduled tour: 30th September - 27th October 2018

Banda Sea Cruise; scheduled tour: 8th - 26th October 2018

Easy West Papua; scheduled tour: 2nd - 22nd September 2018

Sumatra and west Java; scheduled tour: 19th August - 8th September 2018

Easy West Papua; scheduled tour: 25th June - 15th July 2018

Peninsular Malaysia: Plain-pouched Hornbill twitch; custom tour: 9th - 11th August 2018

Peninsular Malaysia; custom tour: 24th July - 6th August 2018

Peninsular Malaysia; custom tour: 1st - 7th July 2018

Remote Philippines; custom tour: 4th March - 1st April 2018

Peninsular Malaysia; custom tour: 26th July - 9th August 2018

Moluccas: Morotai, Obi, Bacan, Seram, Ambon, Buru, Kai & Tanimbar; scheduled tour: 29th July - 22nd Aug 2018

Tibetan Plateau and Xinjiang; scheduled tour: 8th - 20th July 2018

West Papua; scheduled tour: 1st - 28th July 2018

Sumatra and west Java; scheduled tour: 1st - 21st July 2018

Sulawesi & Halmahera, Indonesia; custom tour: 1st - 13th June 2018

Sichuan, China; scheduled tour: 14th May - 2nd June 2018

East China: custom tour: 12th - 26th May 2018

Vietnam: south, central & north; scheduled tour: 1st - 21st April 2018

East China: scheduled tour: 6th - 21st May 2018

Taiwan: scheduled tour: 23rd April - 4th May 2018

Iran; scheduled tour: 15th - 28th April 2018


Tour reports by Region or Country

Click on the country or region of interest to see our full list of tour reports available.

Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak)


China (including Tibet and Taiwan)

Indian Subcontinent (India, Bhutan and Nepal)

Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Lesser Sundas, Sulawesi, Maluku and Banda Sea islands)



Myanmar (Burma)

New Guinea (including West Papua)

Peninsular Malaysia



Timor Leste (East Timor)


Western Asia (including Middle East)


Exploratory trips


Tour reports over past 12 months

Click on the individual tour to view the specific tour report from the past 12 months.

Borneo; Sabah & Sarawak: scheduled tour: 24th March - 7th April 2018

Remote Philippines; scheduled tour: 18th March - 8th April 2018

Philippines: Sierra Madre, Samar & Negros; custom tour: 3rd - 9th April 2018

Philippines; scheduled tour: 18th February - 10th March 2018

Sumatra, Mentawai and west Java; custom tour: 4th - 25th March 2018

Cambodia and Lao PDR; scheduled tour: 3rd - 17th February 2018

Malaysia - Sabah, Sarawak and Johor; custom tour: 19th - 31st January 2018

Peninsular Malaysia; custom tour: 26th February - 8th March 2018

Malaysia and Myanmar - Rail-babbler & Elachura quest; custom tour: 7th - 21st February 2018

West India; custom photographic tour: 19th January - 7th February 2018

West India; scheduled tour: 6th - 22nd January 2018

India; Andamans and Western Ghats: scheduled tour: 22nd January - 5th February 2018

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